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In the hospitality industry, agility and flexibility are absolutely essential to success. Whenever and wherever change happens, Workday allows companies to keep a laser focus on productivity and costs, while optimizing the workforce.

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Cuts 10-day quarterly closings to five days by controlling costs and managing margins.

Saves 50,000 manager hours per year with automated time management by managing a frontline workforce.

Cuts two to four days from operating and financial reporting by controlling costs and managing margins.

Creates 60% more “what-if” scenarios through workforce, planning, and analytics.

Reduces time spent by HR maintaining records by 50% by transforming talent management.


A use for every aspect of your organization.

The hospitality industry moves fast. That’s why Workday provides features and capabilities that help you manage your people, productivity, finances, and much more.

Managing a Frontline Workforce

Transforming Talent Management

Controlling Costs and Managing Margins

Workforce, Financial Planning, and Analytics

Proactive Spend Management

The Future of Restaurant Management: a View from 2025

Why hospitality organizations choose Workday.

At Workday, we’re invested in our customers’ success. It’s one reason why we lead the industry with a 97% customer satisfaction rating. Watch the video to learn more.

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