Our Story and Leadership

We’re shaking up the world
of enterprise software.

Smiling group of employees.
Person on laptop viewing Workday product.

We started by asking questions.

Why is enterprise software so hard to use? What do businesses need to support change? And how can we give people more time back for what really matters?

Workday employees collaborating.

We listened to the answers.

Our curiosity led us to create something new—a finance, HR, and planning system that evolves as business evolves, and a company that’s out to do right by employees, customers, and the world.

Workday employees.

And we haven’t stopped since.

We partner closely with our customers to understand their needs. Then we innovate like crazy to give them the technology to get there. Together, we’re shaping the future of work.

Meet our leadership team.



Headshot Aneel Bhusri

Aneel Bhusri
Co-Founder, Co-CEO,
and Chair

Headshot Dave Duffield

Dave Duffield
Co-Founder and CEO Emeritus

Headshot Jim Bozzini

Jim Bozzini
Chief Operating Officer

Headshot Sayan Chakraborty

Sayan Chakraborty

Headshot of Jeff Gelfuso

Jeff Gelfuso
Chief Design Officer

Headshot of Ashley Goldsmith

Ashley Goldsmith
Chief People Officer

Headshot Barbara Larson

Barbara Larson
Chief Financial Officer

Headshot Sheri Rhodes

Sheri Rhodes
Chief Customer Officer

Headshot Doug Robinson

Doug Robinson

Headshot Rich Sauer

Rich Sauer
Chief Legal Officer and Head of Corporate Affairs

Headshot Pete Schlampp

Pete Schlampp
Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, Corporate Growth

Headshot Patrick

Patrick Blair
President, Global Sales

Headshot Robynne

Robynne Sisco
Vice Chair

Headshot Jim Stratton

Jim Stratton
Chief Technology Officer

Headshot of Carin Taylor

Carin Taylor
Chief Diversity Officer

Headshot Phil Wilmington

Phil Wilmington
Vice Chair