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Deliver profitably and delight customers.

To grow your business, you need faster ways to work. Workday brings finance, HR and professional services automation (PSA) into one system. So you can build for the future and move your business forward efficiently.

The world’s leading companies use Workday to help them adapt fast and improve performance.

Increased agility with a flexible global foundation.

Gained deeper insight with a unified data core.

Sustained growth with a long-term technology partner.

Set customers up for success.


Financial management dashboard showing financial results for professional and business services industry

Comprehensive financial planning.

What if you could plan for every what-if scenario? With Workday, you can. Model everything from adding new service lines to implementing new delivery methods and reforecast on the fly.


Powerful reporting and analytics.

By removing the drag of siloed data across finance, HR and PSA, Workday speeds up decision-making and puts finance teams in the driver’s seat for reporting and analysis.


Automation to save you time.

Our finance solution automates accounting in real time, giving you more time to be productive. And with customer billing connected to the general ledger, closing is now frictionless.


PSA dashboard showing consulting services for professional and business services industry

Intelligent resource management.

Gain a holistic view of your staffing needs, forecast which resources you need and shop for talent in one dashboard. Workday PSA helps you put the right people on the right project.


Improved project profitability.

Gain full visibility into project status, expenses, time and more, from the portfolio down to the transaction level. We give you a deep understanding of your profitability.


Workforce planning for the future.

Understand the skills and head count you need now and in the future. Workday helps you effectively plan your workforce to manage disruption.


Talent management manager dashboard for professional and business services industry

Total workforce management.

With self-service mobile tools, you can better manage your global workforce, automate time-consuming tasks and free up your consultants to be their most productive selves.


Delightful employee experiences.

Engage and empower employees at scale. Workday offers personalised learning and tools to support an agile career path. Your people can do what interests them, gain new skills and stay happy.


Talent optimisation that unlocks skills.

With project-level feedback and insight into interests – all built on a skills foundation – HR teams can unlock the potential of their existing talent and plan for the future.


Workday Extend orch builder for professional and business services industry

An agile tech foundation.

Meet your evolving business needs. Our simplified infrastructure gives you more time to focus on strategic initiatives and the flexibility to build extensions on top of our capabilities.


Integrate with confidence.

With Workday, you can migrate data using our guided interface, integrate quickly with our cloud connectors or manage your customisations with our open APIs.


Continuity in times of change.

Only a true cloud allows you to keep the business running smoothly. With Workday, you can give your workforce the power to do their job from anywhere.

How can Workday help your firm level up to move at the speed of change? PwC has the latest insights.


Grow your people.

Keeping up with changes in customer expectations starts with building new skills. Discover ways to upskill your employees and attract new talent with in-demand skills.

Break down data silos.

With one system for people, projects and financial data, BDO Canada improved project performance. See why insight is critical to responding faster.

Run more efficiently.

Disjointed processes lead to project overrun and unhappy customers. Learn how Acxiom LLC solved those challenges with a single system for finance and HR.

Keep up with change.

To evolve with the industry, it’s critical to have a system that evolves with your needs. See how Ryan LLC gained the agility to keep pace with shifting demands.

See how we put our customers at the centre.

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